Will you listen to me even though I'm Jewish?

from Nathaniel Segal (By the grace of G-d)
We do not want you to convert to Judaism.  Period.

  Are you a satisfied Christian?  Wink & Smile  Then stay with your church.

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The editor and author of these pages is Jewish, but absolutely does NOT encourage Gentiles to convert to Judaism.  In fact we recommend not to.  Neither are we glorifying or condemning any religion.

We here at this Web site do not have any new revelation.  We don't possess knowledge of any innovations in religion since the Biblical Exodus from Egypt.  Our single reference is the great human encounter with the Almighty at Mount Sinai after the Exodus.

G-d's most recent covenant with humanity was at Mount Sinai.  There He gave Moses the Tablets of the Covenant.  Moses accepted these Tablets of the Covenant for the entire human race.  Moses taught his generation the standards and values of this covenant.  Then Moses and his generation passed the covenant down further to all following generations, including ours.

The Seven Noahide Commandments for the Gentile peoples of the world are part of this covenant at Mount Sinai.  Gentiles – anyone who was not born to a Jewish mother or who has not converted to Judaism according to the laws of the Torah (Halakah) – are born into the Noahide Covenant as it was received as part of G-d's revelation to Moses at Mount Sinai.

Keep in mind that the "Mixed Multitude" (a poor translation from the Bible's original Hebrew words) also stood at the foot of Mount Sinai with the Children of Israel.  These people – the so-called Mixed Multitude – were also eager to develop a personal and eternal relationship with the One Almighty G-d although they were not Israelites.

As far as I know, the Children of Israel integrated this Mixed Multitude into the society of the Land of Israel.  However, these people did not possess land within the inheritances of the tribes since they were not descendants of the Twelve Tribes of Jacob.  It seems to me, though, that they were eligible to settle in the Levite cities as well as to rent land anywhere in the Land of Israel.

It is not unlikely that some of the Mixed Multitude never accepted G-d's Covenant of 613 Commandments with the Children of Israel.  Instead, they embraced the Covenant of the Seven Commandments for Noah's descendants – the Seven Noahide Commandments.  These people were also eligible to enter the Holy Land to settle, although again with the restrictions of the other people within the Mixed Multitude.

Both observing the Seven Commandments and studying the Torah together as part of the Sinai Covenant don't form an "organized religion."  You and I were born in G-d's image with religious sensibilities.  So let's focus together on the values of the Noahide Commandments and the Covenant of Mount Sinai.  Let's all pull together to live up to our G-dly potential for living in a fully civilized world.

We here believe that a Gentile does not need to "bring his tithes and offerings to the storehouse [to any congregation] on the first day of the week" to become part of any holy body.  But if you really are a satisfied Christian and want to be part of your Churchly body or congregation – so be it and may G-d bless you.  Generally, religious denominations in the U.S.A. are committed to the values of the Seven Commandments, so why would we want to draw you away from your church?

A note about the way of Islam:  Islam has been committed to the values of the Seven Commandments.

So, why would we want to draw you away from your duties and faith?

* Al-lah – This Arabic language word literally means "The G-d."  For English speakers, pronounce the definite article "the" to rhyme with "thee."  Notice how we English speakers change the pronunciation of this article to designate the idea of the special and unique.  I find that this feature of English best translates Muslims' fervent belief in One and only One G-d.

May I also point out the alliterative quality of the Arabic sentence.  First, the same single consonant prevails in each word.  Second, the sentence uses almost only two vowels, alternating from one syllable to the next.  No English rendition does justice to the Arabic form.

* Zakat – possibly related to the Hebrew word tsedaka.  The root of this Hebrew word tsedaka refers to righteousness.  It is only right that those whom G-d has blessed with physical wealth share this wealth with those who are less fortunate.  Furthermore, those whom G-d has blessed with spiritual wealth should also be sharing this wealth with the less fortunate.

More likely, the word Zakat is related to the Hebrew word z'chut,** merit.  This Hebrew word in turn is related to the idea of refinement and purity of the heart.

** z'chut – pronounced zeh KHOOT

A note about sheetoof, an issue facing Christians but not Muslims:  See what I have written about the rejection of intermediariesrejection of intermediaries.

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So who wouldn't listen to me?

Who wouldn't check out this web site with an open mind?  After all, we don't want to convert Gentiles to Judaism.  This is an educational site for learning about something that few Jews even know about.

Actually, we have opponents who regard Rabbinic Judaism as a heresy against the authority of the Old Testament.  Rabbinic Judaism is also known as Talmudic Judaism since it has seemed to some Christians that the Talmud of the Rabbis has come to rival and even overrule the authority of the Old Testament.

Old Testament Judaism – whatever that means – had been considered legitimate in the eyes of the Roman Church.  This was the Old Law that G-d had given to Moses in writing at Mount Sinai.  Within the hierarchy of the Church, though, came the accusation that Jews ignore this Old Law in favor of another Law.  Concerning this other Law, Jews claim that G-d gave it, and we call it 'Talmud', meaning 'Teaching'.  This so-called false law was, as the Jewish claim went, given to Moses orally alongside the Written Law.  But, according to the Church, the Talmud had perverted the ways of Jewish Old Testament life.

The volume of material in the Talmud by far exceeds the text of the Old Testament.  According to Church officials, Jews neglect the study of the Old Testament in favor of studying the Talmud.  We Jews obstinately and criminally embrace this vast Law and have thereby become a sect of heretics.

Perhaps you, the reader, believe that the Judaism of the Talmud is not authentic.  If so, you have already made up your mind about this, so you find no reason to listen to me.  After all, in your eyes there could not be any Noahide Commandments.  These Commands – so you believe – only appear in the Talmud which invented them.  In your eyes, my intentions are to deceive and mislead you.  Accordingly, you won't listen to me.  You have already made up your mind, and nothing I say or write will budge you.  So be it, and goodbye.  G-d bless.

I'll continue to address the issue of accusations against Talmudic and Rabbinic Judaism when you "turn the pageturn the page."

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The Seven Commandment Pages / edited by Nathaniel Segal
first published August '97