Are you turned off by organized religion?

from Nathaniel Segal
(By the grace of G-d)
Do we really need another new religion?
Haven't organized religions been the source of so many troubles for the human race?

The Noahide Covenant isn't supposed to be like these other religions.  You might say that Noahites and their covenant is a dis-organized religion.

Probably, organized religions go bad when they are organized from the top down.  These religions have hierarchies – patriarchs, central councils, bishops, elders, and so forth.  Then finally, at the bottom are their lay adherents.  Ordinarily, lay people aren't supposed to express their feelings to the religious authorities about how it's like to live in the stormy sea of "real" daily life.  Often their priest/pastor/minister pats them on the head like children and tells them something like "keep on trying."

The Noahide Covenant in today's world is focused from our center and closest, then outwards:  family, friends, neighbors, community.  Then finally out to the levels of government.  Noahites focus on their closest relations and especially on maintaining peace between people – family peace, community peace, peace within and between faith communities, between ethnic groups, and between nations.  This is no easy task!

Also, Noahism is not supposed to be a state religion.

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G-d spoke to Moses saying, “Speak to Aaron and his sons telling them,  ‘Thus will you bless the Children of Israel by declaring —

“Then they [Aaron and his sons] will have placed My name on the Children of Israel so that I [G-d] will bless them.”

—  Numbers 6:22-27 

“Those who curse you  [the Children of Israel]  I, G-d, am cursing.  But those who bless you I am blessing.”

—  paraphrased from Genesis 12:3 
The Seven Commandment Pages / edited by Nathaniel Segal
first published August '97