In G-d's Image – Tselem Elokim

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By the grace of G-d 
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Flow from above  –

The Hebrew Letter Tzadik Showing Flow from Above

–  Fully conscious knowledge of Wisdom and Understanding

–  Fully enlightened self-awareness and awareness of the Divine

The Letter Tsadik

The Hebrew Letter Tsadik

The Letters Yod & Nun

The Hebrew Letter Yud
The Hebrew Letter Nun

Tsadik is a composite letter
The Hebrew Letter Yud Flipped Horizontally
The Hebrew Letter Nun
The Hebrew Letter Tsadik

'Mitzvah' is the Tree of Life

The Hebrew Letter Mem
The Hebrew Letter Tsadik
The Hebrew Letter Vov
The Hebrew Letter Heh
–  This letter is a tsadik (also spelled tzadik, tsadi, tsade, or sade in English) - TSAH dee(k). *

· It is the first letter of the Hebrew word tselem, which means 'image'.

· Not only is this the first letter of the Hebrew word tselem, the shape of this letter represents human Wisdom and Understanding as they reflect G-d's Wisdom and Understanding.

· Human consciousness, from this Wisdom and Understanding, reflects how we are created in G-d's image – Tselem Elokim.
Tselem Elokim - TSEL em eh loh KEEM
· (See a full explanation of how this letter is written in holy Hebrew on the previous page).

     Tsadik is a composite letter

· This form of the letter tsadik is also called tsadik kefufa and, to review, consists of pieces from two different letters – a nun and a yod.

· The right part is a reversed yod with a square, bottom-right corner. The left part is a nun kefufa, which is even more curved than a nun normally is, and it has a wider bottom base than normal.  The reversed yod rests on the back part of the nun.

· The left heads of both a nun and a tsadik have three tagin, crown points, on them, like a regular nun.  The two heads should not touch one another at all.

     'Mitzvah' is the Tree of Life

· Mem represents both the essence of the soul and the essence of its Wisdom.

· The crown points of the Tsadik conduct a natural flow from the letter Mem's open channel, which is directly above these crown points.  This flow penetrates the Tsadik.

· This flow of natural Wisdom also drips into the well of the Tsadik.

· The thorn, at the upper-right corner of the Tsadik represents a flow from a "higher" source which bypasses the letter Mem altogether.

· The thorn and the crown points symbolize how this higher flow is channeled into the well of the Tsadik.

· Understanding derives from both natural Wisdom and the essence of Wisdom.

· Understanding gives birth to conscious emotions and feelings.

    Mem is also a composite letter — from the letters Khaf (on the right) fused with Vav
The Hebrew Letter VavThe Hebrew Letter Khaf==>The Hebrew Letter Vav TiltedThe Hebrew Letter Khaf Squared==>The Hebrew Letter Mem
· The letter Khaf is squared at the bottom, and its width is reduced by one-third.  The letter Vav is tilted backwards slightly.
· These two letters, Khaf and Vav, are fused.  The connection between these two letters is thick enough so that it's clear that they are connected.
· At the same time, there is a clear notch between them.
· At the bottom, the Khaf and Vav do not touch at all.

· Insights into the Hebrew letter Mem