The Hebrew Alphabet

By the grace of G-d 
Copyright © 2012 Nathaniel Segal 


The Three Mothers -

Alef, Mem, Shin

The Doublets -

Beit,    Dalet,    Peh,     Tav
    Gimmel,   Kaf,    Reish,
Beh    GeD    Kah  Poh    ReT
Beged Kaporet *

The Simple Ones -

Heh, Vav  Zayin, Het  Tet, Yod   Lammed, Nun   Samekh, Ayin  Tsadik, Koof


Heh, Vav - letters in the L-rd's name

Zayin, Het - He sustains you and grants grace

Tet, Yod - He is good to you and gives you an inheritance

Lammed - Study and learn

Samekh, Nun - He supports those who are falling

Ayin - He examines

Koof, Tsadik - End of Days with the arrival of the Messiah


The first table is read from right to left as Hebrew is written and read.  The order of the letters in this table is the order in the Jewish tradition.

The succeeding presentations are in left to right order for the sake of the English language readers.

*  This first table is based on:  Wikipedia. "Hebrew alphabet."  Retrieved 10 Dec 2011 from

Beged Kaporet - A way to remember these seven letters.

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