An Appointment in Luz

By the grace of G-d
Copyright © 2017 Nathaniel Segal

The Angel of Death appeared sad before King Solomon.  Solomon asks him, “Why are you sad?”

The Angel tells Solomon that he is supposed to take away two young, handsome scribes.

King Solomon thinks that Death regrets this mission.  So Solomon whisks his two scribes away to hide them in the village of Luz.

The next day, the Angel of Death appears happy before King Solomon.  Solomon asks him, “Why are you happy?”

“I was sad because I had an appointment with them in Luz.  But I'm happy now that you've sent them there.”

King Solomon then taught that the legs are responsible for a person's life.  “The legs take someone to the place where they have an appointment with the Angel of Death.”

—  The Babylonian Talmud, Sukkah 53a
As adapted by Nathaniel Segal